April 28th Team Meeting

The goal of the April 28th team meeting:

  1. Choose the final idea/iteration
  2. Reach into the community over the next week and research how the user would engage in the service

April 28th meeting notes:

We decided to combine our favorite parts from all of the online concept and membership concept blog posts to create the final idea/iteration.  Our final idea includes:

Value Proposition

  • Providing individualized music membership in a relaxed but engaged community of musical explorers

Service Will Include:

  • A combination of online and brick and mortar services
  • A gaming component
  • Tiered service offerings
  • A free trial period
  • A discount for referring a friend
  • Creation of a custom service membership package
  • Partnership with entities in related industries/markets to provide additional benefits to our customers
  • A targeted age segment of 18 year olds to 28 year olds

Services Provided Directly from our Company Won’t Include:

  • Instrument rentals from our company
  • Maintenance and repairs for member instruments
  • Storage for member instruments and equipments
  • In-person music instruction

Instead of researching the final idea in the community, we consulted with Professor Gonsher and decided to include an in-class marketing test as part of our presentation which has been moved up to May 5th.  Here are the anticipated components of our presentation/market test next week:

  • Blog presentation/summary of the process
  • A short video summarizing the value proposition
  • Administering a prototype of the questionnaire which is used to help potential members decide what they want/need from the company
  • Administering a prototype of the membership package creation process which is used to help potential members design their own membership benefits and experience
  • A one-on-one buyer intention survey/potential member interview with each class member
  • Group questions and discussion as needed

Although we will all review the components of the presentation and market test, we will each be generally responsible as follows:

  • Anna A: Value Proposition Video, Membership Package Creation Process Prototype, One-on-One Buyer Intention Survey/Interview
  • Anna S: Potential Member Interview/Buyer Intention Survey, One-on-One Buyer Intention Survey/Interview, Wrap-up group questions and discussion
  • Stephen: Blog Presentation/Summary, Potential Member Questionnaire Prototype, One-on-One Buyer Intention Survey/Interview
  • Keith: Potential Member Questionnaire Prototype, Administering Prototypes, One-on-One Buyer Intention Survey/Interview

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