Monday Team Meeting Notes & Assignments (4-28-14)

Author: Anna Spady


Favorite Combined Concepts 

  • Online and Brick & Mortar (gym/coffee shop) service combined
  • Gaming (Guitar-Hero-esque, but with real instruments) component
  • Tiered service offerings (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), etc.
  • Free Trial period, refer a friend discount
  • Custom Service package based on responses to intake questionnaire
  • Space for musicians to “jam” and co-create
  • Targeted age bracket approx. age: 18-28

Service  WON’T Include 

  • Rentals
  • Maintenance (or repairs)
  • Storage
  • Instead do referrals and act as a middle man

Final-Step Assignments 

  • ***Post draft so for group viewing and feedback by Sat. 5/3/14
  • Spady: Buying Intention’s Survey (what we’ll give our classmates after the pitch) 
  • Armstrong & Keith: Promotional video 
  • Keith & Stephen: Intake Questionnaire (the questions clients answer to determine their custom service package). 
  • Stephen: will give the actual presentation to the class Monday 

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