Stephen O’Neill Business Model/Design Approach

Stephen O’Neill

On-line Music Services


Business Model Canvas


Key Partners

Music Instrument Manufacturers

School Systems

Non-profit Agencies

Music Teachers/Instructors


Key Activities/Resources

Music Instruments

Music Lessons

Sheet Music or Music Notes

On-line Instructional Videos

Skype or Video Chat Services

Meeting place for students or folks wanting to play music together

Broker for music services


Value Proposition

Potentially cheaper than bricks and mortar store

Easier to access for customer, who can access from anywhere

People from all over can access services and interface with each other

Low overhead for owner

Perhaps folks can take lessons or chat with instructor at any time

Mail or ship instruments


Customer Relationship Channels

Via Internet

Face to face via web chat


Opportunity for in-person lessons

Meet ups for customers


Customer Segments

Students (k-12)

Adults wanting to learn instrument

Music Instructors/teachers wanting to offer services


Cost Structure

Could be a flat monthly fee

Per period of time rental fee for instruments

Per session charge for lesson

Broker fee for instructors/teachers


Revenue Streams



Instrument Rental

Other Music Services


Design Thinking


Define the Problem

Brick and mortar music service business may not be meeting the needs of all customers. The Internet provides a unique medium to interface with customers and create a product.

Create/Consider Many Options

Online Music Rental

Online Music Lessons

Rental combined with Lessons

Customer mingling spots or ways for customers to interface

Portal or broker system for musicians to offer lessons to customers

Band formation utility, meet-ups for music

Instrument repair

Instrument sale


Refine the options

I think lots of possibilities exist by combining the above elements into a comprehensive package. I really think that the idea of allowing musicians to connect, mingle or even form bands is really cool. I also like the idea of the website being a platform for musicians to teach lessons or market lessons. It would be pretty easy to integrate music instrument rental into this website. Therefore, a person could sign up for lessons, rent an instrument, have it mailed to them and then even take lessons via some sort of video chat service from the same site. In the Dallas area, it is also possible that lessons could still be brokered for face-to-face interactions.

What I think would be even more interesting is to combine this idea, with the idea of the “music gym” or “club” that was discussed in previous posts. What could happen is a seamless integration of the online services with the location that would immerse users in a “club” or “gym” like experience. It would be a location that could facilitate the networking or relationships that were created online.

Execute the Idea

 See above.


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