Music Membership Concept and Design Thinking Methodology – Armstrong

  1. Define the problem: How to interest consumers in a music services membership which is different from traditional music services and unique to the market.
  2. Create/consider many options
  • emphasize similarities to services offered in other markets such as gym memberships, social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest), and community organizations such as churches, community gardens, gyms, and intramural sports.
  • de-emphasize the perfectionist side of music learning and performance
  • emphasize a relaxed, low-pressure environments that are conducive to collaboration, sharing, teamwork, and creativity including jam sessions, experimentation with many instruments, optional instruction geared toward consumer goals and immediate needs, both open social areas and individual sound-proofed rooms, and easy-to-use technology that encourages learning and experimentation (recording equipment, computer programs, visual recording)
  • emphasize opportunities/benefits in related areas such as member pricing at professional recording studios, local concerts, online instrument rental, local art shows, local art lessons, local university concerts, and instrument repair services and relevant, up-to-date resources and information in company’s online platform

3. Refine selected direction


  • community
  • common purpose
  • low-pressure (jam sessions, try instruments, easy-to-use technology and programs)
  • individualized (personalized instruction option, different areas to suite different needs, consumer-created membership packages)

4. Pick the winner and execute


  • community (social platform and networking/collaboration) and individualization (personalized membership packages and different areas within physical location to suite different needs)

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