Armstrong’s Examination of Non-Profit Potential Using the 4 C’s of Marketing


How do instructors want to handle the donation of lessons?

  • Use donations and grants to compensate instructors
  • Give instructors the option to donate their time to one student for one year and instructors can claim it on their taxes (only employed instructors…background checks, reliability, quality, etc.)
  • Company pays instructors and claims the services donated on its taxes

For what purpose do individual instrument suppliers want to supply their instruments?

  • In the Craigslist format, give instrument suppliers the option to charge a rental fee or to donate the instruments for inner-city student use
  • In the Craigslist format, let the instrument suppliers and instrument renters specify the time duration for which they will rent the instruments

For what purpose do donors wish to make donations?

  • Pay instructors for their services
  • Repair and maintain donated instruments
  • Purchase and maintain screens and technology for online lessons
  • Purchase portable stands for student use

For what purpose do online instrument rental companies wish to supply their instruments?

  • To make money with rental fees
  • To donate instruments to inner-city students for a specified timeframe

How do inner-city schools wish to select the students who will receive these donated music services and instruction? How do inner-city schools want to split the responsibilities involved in providing this service?

Who provides the technology and screens for private and focused lessons?  Company donates these?

Who pays for the instructor’s time?  Donated by instructor or company or paid for by donations and grants?

Who provides the instruments?

Who provides the space for lessons, practice, and collaboration? 

  • School provides the lesson space and ensures the security of the technology and screens?
  • Alternative lesson space in the company’s physical location (still have lesson online) and also a good practice and collaboration space between lessons

What are the requirements for students receiving the music services? 

  • Application process?
  • Teacher or administrator recommendations?
  • A meeting with the student and/or parents?
  • A basic music skill assessment?
  • Online intake questionnaire?
  • A minimum GPA requirement for the student?
  • A minimum number of collaborations or performances?


Allow students to access all of the company’s online resources and platforms

  • Color coding system denoting skill level/progress
  • Collaboration and social platform
  • Physical location availability and reservation system
  • Music learning modules, free literature, etc.
  • Music theory training
  • Music ear training
  • Composition sounds and notations database
  • Youtube sharing of performances and collaborations
  • Discussion board for student feedback, suggestions, and requests
  • Instrument rental platform (Craigslist)
  • Online instrument rental company option (partner company)

Allow students to access the company’s physical locations (gyms) for practice between lessons, social interactions and collaborations, and for emergency or alternative lesson space


Allow students to determine their own purpose for the music instruction and resources which can be used to measure the program’s success on an annual basis, as well

  • Collaboration and socialization
  • Technical proficiency
  • For fun
  • To enter music competitions
  • To consider a career in music

A trial phase of one month where students can try different instruments, instructors, locations, personal goals, etc.


Choose from different physical locations

Choose purpose/personal goals

Choose instructor and instrument

Choose from instrument rental or donation options

Choose how to support the program


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