Online musical instruction: Dragonfly Effect & Kano Model by Keith M.

Dragonfly Effect

Focus on one goal: Driving traffic to a website that sells online music instruction services

Grab attention:
Start a YouTube channel with some free tutorials and post a link for further instruction (that consumers would have to pay for)
Offer video testimonials that show the contrast of where music students started and how far they have progressed
Go big on visuals, but small on text
Call local media outlets searching for stories to tell them about your new business

Methods to engage others:
Show examples
Start a Podcast featuring students
Offer many avenues for feedback
Utilize social media to post content, rewards, and discounts regularly (but not overwhelmingly)
Offer referral bonuses

Empower others:
Inspire emotion
Give students a reason to perform (anti-bullying concerts, fundraising events, etc)
Let the child make choices in their own instruction

Kano Model

Capturing Data:

  • large market for music instruction in the Dallas area, especially for children (very competitive, parents take it seriously)
  • some music schools offer online instruction, but they also offer in-person instruction, either in-home or in-studio, individual or group lessons, and sometimes instrument rental at their physical location
  • some organizations offer a service like but for music – helps find in-person or online music instruction (
  • some offer payment and instructor communication options online (
  • some focus on being selective and require student dedication shown by a formal application, an application fee, review and formal matching of student with instructor by the organization, only in-person lessons, etc. (Dallas School of Music)
  • most organizations focus on instructing children.  Some sites mention adults, but the photos all feature children receiving instruction.  No top organizations seem to focus on instruction for elderly people, business people, stay-at-home parents, or inner-city students
  • When online lessons are available, they are offered through Skype

Reflection & Analysis
The competition for any form of music instruction venture in Dallas is going to be tough. The key will be to find a way to differentiate our service from the others offered in the area.

Brainstorming: Key Differentiators:
Customer Service
Unique Hours (to accomodate children in school or adults who are full-time workers)
Collaboration (students teaching students; peers working together; jam sessions, etc.)
Recruit credibility (noteworthy instructors / equipment)
Prestige vs. affordable (find the “blue ocean” — a road less traveled for the music instruction services in the area)
Have web site accommodations that other sites do not (instrument rental, etc)



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