Keith Morgan’s idea: Differentiate musical content, process, product, and learning enviornment

Empathic Design:

The Dallas School of Music has a well-designed website. It seems to be the main competitor in the region and touts itself as an academic campus.

Many online music instructional websites are nationally based. They are also setup informally, like Craigslist. There seems to be little emotional connection and customers may be likely to be cautious due to the lack of a chance to meet online tutors face-to-face.

Parents often are not present for childhood music lessons.

Unsolved needs from data:
Online instruction
Tutors that can be met in person
Integrated website with brick and mortar musical academy

Reflection & Analysis:
There is a “blue ocean” for a web site that incorporates music rental and online lessons with a brick and mortar traditional venue.
Online offerings could position Anna’s venture effectively to compete against the Dallas School of Music.

There is an increasing trend of online consumption when it comes to education. Technology is being mastered at an earlier age than ever before, too. Data from multiple sources suggest that musical education can improve a child’s brain functionality and performance.

With this in mind, an intuitive interface can be created in order to distribute musical education and help children learn music from home in order to better prepare them for lessons later in childhood.

Brainstorming for solutions:
A hybrid business model could allow young children to learn individually online and then come to the physical location for group work, one on one lessons, or to browse pre-owned merchandise.

Expand upon the music instruction angle to include instrument rental.

Partner with schools so that no physical location would be needed. Moreover, Anna and her employees could be present at parent and teacher conferences in order to network with parents and educators.

Developing Prototypes:
The Dallas School of Music has a well-established, effective design, but you do not want to copy this as it would cause confusion with citizens about whether or not you were affiliated with them.

I would prototype the website similar to with a very easy to use navigation menu separated by instrument. I would also include a biography of all tutors, accreditation, and testimonials both from students and parents.

The Four P’s of Marketing

    The product will be a musical instruction service that offers instrument rental services, too. It will be distributed online and in-person.
    Dallas, TX / website that serves the greater Dallas area
    $100 for a monthly membership
    Why? : The Dallas School of Music charges $140 / monthly memberships have the highest retention rate
    Referrals would be a great way to spread a grassroots brand awareness of our service.
    Personal selling: by going to parent teacher conferences or events in a business park where the physical, brick and mortar location is to be situated.
    Grand opening – offer free tours of the campus / meet personnel / offer discounts on membership packages for signing up today

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